The sandal patterns are sized using the particular set of lasts I create the patterns on and may vary from the usual size of ready-to-wear footwear you purchase, so it is important that you measure the length of your foot to determine the correct size pattern for you to use. To do this simply stand bare foot on a piece of paper and trace around each of your feet, ensuring that your pen/pencil remains vertical while you do so. Then step off the paper and use a ruler to measure the length of each foot from the end of your toes to the back of your heel. Use the longest of the two measurements (if your feet are slightly different in length) to determine the size pattern you need:

Size 6: up to 23cm / 9in

Size 7: up to 23.5cm / 9 1/4in

Size 8: up to 24.25cm / 9 1/2in

Size 9: up to 25cm / 9 7/8in

Size 10: up to 25.5cm / 10 1/8in

The width of your foot also plays an important role in ensuring your sandals fit well and are comfortable. Click here to find out more about how you can adjust the sandal patterns to fit your feet.